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Beijing Tsinghua Tongheng Urban Planning & Design Institute was founded in 1993 (original Beijing Tsinghua University Urban Planning & Design Institute). In 2012 Aug. 8th, our company completed the reform and transferred to Tsinghua Holdings Corporation Limited integrally, & then became a wholly-owned subsidiary of THHSCG. Beijing Tsinghua Tongheng Urban Planning and Design Institute owns First Rate of National Urban Plan and Design (certificate number: 141004), First Rate of National Constructional Engineering (certificate number: A111005875), First Rate of National Tourism Plan and Design (certificate number: 03-2003), First Rate of National Heritage Protection Survey and Design (certificate number: 0201SJ0025) and Class B of National Landscape Design (certificate number: A211005872), which are all granted by relevant national regulatory authorities. During the process of projects, our institute has developed special outstanding methodology. Taking Tsinghua Tongheng as the platform, we combine the technical resources of relative institutes, depending on the requirement of specific project, even incorporated technical and disciplinary advantages from Tsinghua University and other urban planning institutes in Beijing. We have built a multi-disciplined, comprehensive technical team, equipped with expertise in the following fields: master planning, planning, economics, sociology, history, geography, ecology, landscape, energy, transportation, logistics, environment, architecture etc. We also have close cooperation with our local fellow designing organizations, providing the entrusting parties with complete technical solutions for master planning, planning, designing and service.

Our Advantages

Rooted in Tsinghua University academic environment and relying on Tsinghua University elite professionals, the institute has insisted on the philosophy of urban planning engineering practice combined with scientific research and education. For more than a decade entrepreneurial development, the unique technical advantages and outstanding academic characteristics came into being. With adherence to the development framework of professional agencies, now we have about 50 professional agencies covering five planning design tracks:

1.  Urban and Rural Planning, including the urban and rural master planning and detailed planning, heritage conservation, urban development planning, urban and rural housing and residential research, urban renewal design, artistic design of city and space, urban real estate research, etc.;

2. Landscape Architecture and Tourism, including landscape planning, landscape city research, vernacular landscape study, tourism and scenic spot planning, tourism earth science and geological park planning, etc.;

3.  Ecology and Infrastructure, including eco-city research, ecological environment planning and technology, built environment and energy planning, transit planning, municipal planning, urban public safety planning, fire science and technology research, light environment planning and design , and architectural acoustics and interior design study, etc.;

4.  Technology and Media, including smart city planning study, new planning techniques and specialized software R&D, urban data research and platform development application, digital city and digital display, cultural creativity and transmission, etc.;

5. Architectural Design, including green building, architectural design, structural optimization, steel construction research, building renewal study, architectural industrialization, silver industry, commercial real estate research, etc.

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Group Han

Since its foundation in 1994, Group Han has been recognized as one of the Asia’s emerging leaders in the fields of landscape architecture, planning and urban design. Their projects have received over 20 awards including Seoul City Award for Excellence in Design in five consecutive years (2002-2006) and President Award for Design Innovation (2003). As one of the largest firms of its size in Korea, Group Han has over 60 designers who work on approximately 250 projects per year. Their senior associates are acknowledged as among the industry’s most talented and experienced designers and engineers. Group Han’s practice are showcased in many major cities in Korea, China and Asian Countries. Group Han works have been published and won the Gold Medal awarded by Asian Pacific Publishers Association (2006). Group Han offers a full range of services in landscape architecture, from site planning through full construction documents and construction observation. There are six design teams that worked for many of the largest cities in the country, government agencies, educational institutes, leading corporations, and premier engineering and construction firms. Despite the relatively short history, Group Han has upgraded industrial standards of landscape architecture in Korea and introduced new concepts of economic-environmental sustainability. Group Han Associates is an international design practice established in 1994 with headquarters in Seoul and two branch offices in the US and Germany. The firm is comprised of more than 100 design professionals working on over 300 projects a year and is the recipient of over 150 international and domestic awards. Design Philosophy

Group Han, its landscape architects and designers, recognize the shared value of the land and global environment for the co-existence of humans and nature.

1. Ecological Design
Group Han respects natural processes to protect ecological diversity and to address the ongoing effects of global climate change. They strive to employ environmentally sustainable design in all projects to safeguard the resources for future generations.

2. Progressive Design
Group Han pursues innovative design solutions through experimental approaches while eschewing the latest fashions and trends.

3. Social Design
Group Han strives to restore the culture of community and the practice of participation through creative and flexible design strategies.

4. Cultural Design
Group Han honors the historically, regionally, and culturally unique context of sites and preserve significant assets from the past.

5. Economical Design
Group Han conserves natural resources and energy by adhering to core principles and we reject excessive designs in order to maximize financial returns for clients.

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Nava Polman Gerson Foundation


Gerson Foundation was established in memory of the deceased landscape architect Nava Polman – Gerson whose aims were:

  1. Provision of financial support to keep an Charette / symposium for landscape architects during the IFLA conference
  2. Sponsoring a faculty landscape in a developing country
  3. Sponsoring means to promote beekeeping
  4. Everything for standing related in the broadest sense of the word.

The Foundation has sponsored numerous events among which notably:

  • In 2014, the Foundation has sponsored Students Charette – Scenic design a wetland area in Tigres in Buenos Aires , where the prizes were awarded to the three winning designs.
  • In 2013 , the Foundation sponsored the Auckland Charette and awarded a prize to each participating student ( Maori tradition)
  • In 2012 the Foundation in Cape Town sponsored three groups of students USD3.500 – prize awarded and sponsored the flight of four Kenyan students
  • In 2011 the Foundation sponsored prizes for IFLA conference in Zurich worth USD3.000 , – awarded to 3 groups of young students from various countries.

Contact  Dr. H. Polman, Zadelmakerstraat 29

6921 JA Duiven

For more information please visit Nava Polman Gerson Foundation