DMNfrg_WAAAMg2xMembers of the IFLA World Council

The World Council, comprising members of the Executive Committee and the duly appointed members of the national or multi-national associations (see below) is the governing body of IFLA.

Category A members of IFLA (national or multi-national associations whose Constitution and By-laws have been approved by the Regional body and thereafter ratified by the World Council) are represented by an appointed delegate who shall have the right to a single vote on matters presented at the World Council meetings.

The full list of members can be found here.

Meetings of the IFLA World Council

In 2017 the World Council was held in Montreal as part of the World Design Summit.

In 2018 the World Council was held in Singapore alongside the 2018 Congress.

Future world Councils include;

2019    Oslo, Norway
2020    Malaysia
2022    Gwangju, Korea